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Joseph Newman on Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

Johnny Carson gave Joseph Newman the longest air time of any guest: a whopping 14 & 1/2 minutes! Johnny had taken physics while in college. So, he had a personal interest in getting to the bottom of this.

Joseph Newman's Motor Explained using a Flawed Simulation - Unhide the green bar entitled: "Discussion of SPICE simulation ..." ARCHIVED =>

The secret is no longer a mystery. All of the power comes from a rotating EM field. The battery pack merely powers the circuit in such a way that the coil can acquire the power from the spinning magnet and retain it. Any excess current is applied to recharging the batteries. Any excess voltage is retained by the coil.

Joseph Newman's Motor Explained using a Corrected Simulation

Cooperation will Solve this Mystery of the Newman Motor

Faster RPM with a Neon Bulb

I've added a neon bulb to this simulation which improves performance even more than mere faster RPMs alone.

Comparing Two Versions of LTSpice Simulation of Newman Motor

Making Improvements to the Newman Motor

What are the Miniature Gyroscopes in a Newman Motor Coil?

They're the helical shaped, alternating currents represented as sine wave tracings on an oscilloscope.

At least that's what my simulation is telling me. But that's a presumption on my part -- although, it might be accurate?

The magnetic field of rotating conductors

This  video presents an experiment showing that the magnetic field of electric currents does not result in any case of the motion of electrons, but directly from their intrinsic magnetic field. Additionally, this intrinsic magnetic field can not be a dipole. It has  a  rotational structure.

Space = Akasha = Aether

This  video is presenting a system of the world based upon the Descartes’ model. But this model has been greatly amended by adding an angular momentum to the corpuscles of aether. This allows for retrieving the Newton laws of gravitation and the transverse properties of light. This aether is both the middle of light and the cause of gravitation. This aether is complying with both the Hamilton’s principle and the energy equipartition principle.

The magnetic field of electron

As well as the direction of electric current has been taken in the wrong  direction opposite to the flow of electrons, the electron magnetic  field has been inverted. The electrons are not dipoles, small magnets, as it has been imagined without ever having verified it experimentally. The magnetic field of the electrons has on the contrary a rotational structure, i.e. a structure geometrically inverse of a dipole.

Newman EV Motor with 12k Mile Range per Battery Charge... full throttle speed of 200 amps appearing at the motor coils of an EV.

Cruising Speed of 58 Amps with Improved Mileage

Newman Motor Simulations 16a & 16b are Buildable if the ...

... rotating magnetic field is created using a helium-filled, glass canister wound with a copper coil and not connect the two leads of this coil to anything instead of using a solid mass of permanent magnet. This coil becomes a momentary voltage gradient which can flip one of each pair of electrons in the helium atom pulsing a strong EM field ...



Solid State Joseph Newman Motor?

NOT Overunity, yet IS a Perpetual Motion Machine

Helium is not Magnetic Except when ...

... Electrostatically Polarized.