My Simulations of Joseph Newman


Start Saving Energy on your Electric Bill.

We all know that free energy does not exist. But do we know that if we take the time to study new ideas, we can come to understand them as highly efficient design concepts?


I Can't Promise you a Rose Garden!

But I can suggest highly lucrative possibilities based on my simulations and videos.


Venture within these Pages to See what our Common Understanding Denies Us...

I can't build anything to validate my vision. All I can do is inspire you if you are willing to do the work necessary to realize my ideas.

I've done the initial testing in the virtual world of the simulator. You are free to entertain yourself in the following pages, or go build a whole new world for us all to enjoy!

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I'll let you know just as soon as I hear about anyone succeeding at building a Newman Motor. My simulations have inspired at least one person to do just that.

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