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Keppe Motor is Newman Motor

The Keppe Motor & The New Physics

Trilogia Analítica - Trilogia Analítica

The Keppe Motor Patent

Negative Resistance

Negative Impedance: What it is and How it Works

How to compensate resistive losses by parallel connected negative resistors: Step 2

Compensating resistive losses by S-shaped negative resistors - the problem

Newman Motor Background

Disclosure of Newman Motor, by Geoffrey Miller

Geoffrey Miller's Lab

Newman's book, 4th edition

Newman's book, 8th edition

Chapter Four, of Newman's book

Chapter Six, plus selected pages from the 8th edition

Selected excerpts from the 8th edition

Virtual Ground for an Inductor which led to my development of the Newman LTSpice simulations.

Archival of my attempt to contribute an article on Virtual Ground at Wikipedia. The true reason was to write about the Newman Motor. Oops! No wonder it was dumped.

What is Overunity?

How to Make a Free Energy Device Which Clones More Electromagnetic Waves: 28 Steps

Simulating Tesla's Pierce Arrow EV Demonstration of 1931

A JavaScripted, Browser Simulation of Tesla's Pierce-Arrow 1931 EV

An overunity magnetic amplifier using two transformers...

...or, using one transformer with a center tap...

...powering an EV motor coil.

Another speculation of Tesla's Pierce-Arrow this time using four magnetic amplifiers powering a four phase AC induction motor...

Joseph Newman Google Group